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About Us

You can trust us to bring in
the right expertise at the right time

Joint intelligence is at the core of everything we do. You know your business, we know technology. Together, we can grow your business more quickly and sustainably by increasing your ability to create value through the strategic, efficient, and rapid exploitation of technology. Through innovation, we drive value and make a true and measurable impact on your success.

ML in production

The ML in Production chapter focuses on how to deploy machine learning models into a production environment. This includes technical areas such as model serving and automation but also focuses heavily on best practices for ML development such as MLOps.


NLP chapter

We try to tackle all relevant areas of Natural Language Processing: all things information extraction, speech recognition, sequence to sequence modelling under the roof of a single internal powerhouse.

Natural Language Processing

Software Architecture

At Bitmatix we give high attention to the quality of our deliverables and aim to build a quality-oriented mindset internally. The Software Architecture Chapter supports our ML experts by facilitating the development process and enforcing high coding standards in a reusable manner. While making sure the development is efficient and secure, we are able to focus on the ML part of our solutions by innovating and exploring, as well as responding to the constantly changing technology landscape.

Customisation at CoreT

Computer Vision

As the Bitmatix special unit for computer vision, our goal is to keep in touch with the latest developments in the field and share our learnings with colleagues, customers, the open-source community, and the public at large. Some areas we are active in at the moment are:

Our Special Division

Our Purpose

We help organizations with Innovation Stack to drive intelligent outcomes for creating digital experiences.

We partner with clients to transform their organizations, scale their ideas, build Technology Stack and enable Decision Driven Analytics.

customer value

Today’s markets are dynamic – which means you should be too. The strategic, efficient, and rapid deployment of new technologies is crucial for organizations to achieve a competitive advantage.

Bitmatix aims to help organizations create measurable results with AI. By bringing in the right expertise at the right time, we increase organizational maturity quickly.

We love to join forces with companies that share a love for technology and innovation. Organizations who want to quickly build AI capabilities and believe in collaborative innovation to bring in new ideas and stay on top of the latest evolutions in technology.