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Creating state-of-the-art AI solutions that drive value

What we do

The Industry

We build custom software systems using data and AI on GCP

Computer Vision

Machine learning algorithms related to image and video processing. Common use cases are image classification, object detection and segmentation, video analysis, and image generation.


Our special division on all things related to Natural Language Processing.Machine learning algorithms related to natural language processing. Common use cases are speech recognition, knowledge extraction Etc

ML in Production

This research area focuses on how to deploy machine learning models into a production environment. This includes technical areas such as model serving and automation, but also focuses heavily on best practices for ML development such as MLOps.

Software Architecture

The software architecture research focuses on building high-quality software solutions on Google Cloud with an emphasis on security, performance, and maintainability. This includes technical areas such as security tooling and infrastructure as code.


Our Approach

Custom IT services and solutions built specifically for your business


We think big, but start small. We quickly build customized Proof of Concepts to test the technical feasibility of your use case and validate the business case.


We build reliable AI applications that are engineered for scale. We embrace MLOps as the way to build with robustness and security from the start.


We help you run solutions at scale with ease! Once the solution is up, we offer a detailed knowledge handover and keep expertise available to provide third line support.

We are a global IT and digital transformation champion that supports our customers in realizing technology’s huge potential for a smarter and more sustainable world.
Technology for Business

Service Offerings

BitMatix clients requesting strategic consulting are either new to digital, or digital veterans entering uncharted waters. The end result of our strategic consulting engagements are technology strategies that are feasible, grounded in reality and tied to the business goals of the company. To ensure this, for each client we tailor a team of multi-disciplinary experts.


An excellent customer experience creates an emotional bond between you and your customer. Our tailored user-centered experiences lead to satisfied and loyal customers and are measurable in higher sales and conversion rates. Our expertise combines business and customer experience strategy. We tell your product’s story.


Bitmatix technology consulting services help business to advance in the modern digital transformation environment. Evaluate your opportunities and apply the right technology with outcomes in mind. We can shape your company into a strategy-powered business delivering innovation and digital excellence.